1. IMPROVE the composition of the POST Commission so it is consistent with all other licensing boards in Massachusetts, and includes a majority of law enforcement professionals.

2. PROTECT due process through a full and fair hearing and appeals process for any decertification or suspension over five days.

3. LOOK FORWARD only when it comes to the certification and decertification process, and not look back unfairly and under a different set of rules.

Please act NOW and contact members of the House and call on them to stand with law enforcement and support amendments that will do these three important things.



Dear Representative, 

I am writing once again to urge you to stand with our law enforcement professionals and support amendments to fix the police bill. Our men and women in uniform risk their lives to keep us safe. Now, they need you to support them and produce a fair police reform bill.

There are three essential changes that will make the bill fair. First, we need to make sure the POST Commission is made up of a majority of law enforcement professionals. There is no other licensing board that does not have a majority of members from the profession it regulates. Police should not be singled out for unfair scrutiny. 

Second, police officers need the right to a full hearing with appropriate due process for any suspension or decertification of more than five days. Nobody should lose their job without being able to present all the evidence in their favor. That’s simply unfair. 

Finally, the new rules in the police bill should only apply to future conduct. There should not be any “look back” period where police officers can be penalized for past conduct under new rules they had no way to predict. Once again, that’s simply unfair. 

We need your support to produce a police bill that improves public safety in Massachusetts — not an unfair bill that punishes police simply for being police officers. Thank you. 

[Your Name]