We have one last chance...

We have one last chance to stop the Massachusetts legislature from passing radical anti-police legislation. 

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When the conversation about Massachusetts police reform started back in June, the Massachusetts Black and Latino Legislative Caucus came together with the Massachusetts Law Enforcement Policy Group to agree on seven components for effective reform. That compromise reflects both organizations’ commitment to public safety and professional law enforcement. 

After both groups had a long discussion, they agreed on the following seven reforms: Banning chokeholds; standardizing training procedures for all Massachusetts police departments; having equal representation between law enforcement professionals and civilians on any regulatory board; the accreditation and certification of all law enforcement officials; training on a duty to intervene; guidelines banning all excessive force; and actively promoting diversity. 

The final bill should have reflected these seven common sense reforms. Instead, it has become an activist wish list that punishes police simply for being police. Removing qualified immunity will subject law enforcement officers to frivolous lawsuits and it will be a major financial burden for municipalities. It is disastrous to have certification and decertification decisions made by a commission that does not include an adequate number of members with law enforcement experience. Just as a commission made entirely of law enforcement veterans would be a mistake, so is one that does not reflect the law enforcement perspective. 

I urge you to oppose any police reform bill that is not based on the seven commonsense measures above.  We are advocates for policing reform, not obstacles to it. But strong reform will improve policing in the Commonwealth, not harm police officers and their families.


{YourTownCity}, MA